Friday, February 3, 2017

Adventurers Needed!

Another month of my Patreon adventures is in need need of brave, or not so brave, desperate will do, adventurers.  As you enter the Komor Forest it is wise to rest and get information.  At the edge of the forest is Miners Rest, a camp with people with big personalities to gather the some information before heading into the dark forest.  And a chance to become King of the Camp!

As you make your way through the thick underbrush wondering where you are, the tree cover is thick, its difficult to tell whether it is night or day.  You breathe a sigh of relief when you come upon a cabin.  Shelter and maybe a warm meal.  But you'll find neither By the Cabin's Red Glow.

With another day of stumbling across creeks and down steep ravines you find the Northman barrow.  Just the top of it is exposed so you'll need to dig.  And dig you do.  Prying the door open was no easy task.  This place has been sealed for centuries.  But as the stone cap moves and the dust settles, from somewhere inside you hear movement in the ancient darkness.  Above you crows gather in the trees.  You are now in their territory and must suffer the Judgement of the Crow.

All three of these laminated beauties are headed out this weekend.  If you would like to check them out, the PDFs are free for anyone to grab.  If you'd like the print laminated version consider joining my patreon.  

These are all part of a larger project I am working on, slowly.  

Enjoy the adventures and I hope to throw some dice with you soon.