Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Got My Dice!

I was thrilled to get my dice in the mail.  I got a 100 of each.  The turn around time with inquiry, sample, order and complete transaction was fast.  The customer service at Chessex was fantastic.  I will definitely do return business with them.  I'm glad I've bought way too many Chessex dice over the years. I'll buy more.

For now I am going to make up reasons to roll my dice.


  1. Those are very nice - especially the orange ones.

  2. Awesome Dice !!!...
    What would you sell me an orange die for, good Sir Gothridge...??
    ... ans tell dear Lady Whisk that we say "Hello"... a great End of the week to you both.... Stacey

    1. We have a red die (for almost 30 years) that we roll for "Reasons"... as well as in making some decisions...

    2. So, we made a few "desion" rolls... (Hate the Human Race ... Consult with the Witches ... and deal in the "Dark Arts" for the weekend.....sounds "fun"...

    3. Send me your address at elder(underscore)sense(at)yahoo(dot)com

    4. That is so very kind of you, good Sir !!!
      Thank you... about the only good news this week...

  3. That's very cool.

    My experience with Chessex has always been excellent.