Thursday, February 2, 2017

Check Out My Dice

So +Martin Ralya suggested I contact Chessex to do a mock up of my dice. Smart guy.  I did.  Last night.  This afternoon Chessex had them done and sent me pictures!  Love both versions.  

The logo was created by +trey causey.  He did a fantastic job and I think it looks great...did I already say that?

Customer service Chessex has been outstanding.

The breakdown, At a quantity of 100-199, our 16mm style d6s would be $.60 each with one custom face.  At a quantity of 200-499, this price would become $.50 per die.

I'm going to order 200 and I can split the type of dice I can get.  So I am going to get a 100 of each.  So it'll be a $100 for the dice and then $14 for shipping.  

It is a vanity project of mine.  Plus a little swag for folks who purchase stuff from me.  And I hope to get into a con or two and set up shop.  

My ballcap is off to Chessex.