Monday, February 20, 2017

Ruins at Wolf Creek

I've got a secret weapon now. Its name is Andy Action! Sounds like a superhero. He's even got the Stan Lee alliteration happening. Andy is helping me clean up my words. Editing. The divine act of saints and drummers. And for that, I cannot thank Andy enough.

Ruins at Wolf Creek hints at two of the boss creatures in the area, the death stalker brothers, undead rangers, Maleck and Obadiah. A glimpse at what they do and what's to come. Otherwise this is a found site, a place the party finds while exploring. There are some nasty creatures here that can devastate a party. Image the party's delight and terror as they cross the creek and see a rust monster. That should put some poop in their britches. I haven't used one of those critters in years.

Then there is a hint of another bad group in the area. One of those evil cults your mother warned you about. Dedragoria is one of my seven death gods. She is an unashamed rip off of Kali. You know why? Because she is crazy cool bad ass woman with lot of arms and not afraid to kill what she creates. 

I'll have some more news soon about the over all project. Good news I think. Yeah, good news. I'm staying positive. 

Go grab some players and tell them Lawrence went missing. Went into the Komor Forest alone. Stupid ass. 

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