Saturday, June 17, 2017

Continuing Saga of Free RPG Day

Each year I look forward to Free RPG Day. It's just a cool concept and it gets me into the gaming store. My problem continues to be the gaming store. Each year they find a way to be annoying or go straight to be assholes. This year it was more annoying. First off, they allowed me to chose one thing from the box. I'm not sure how other stores do it. Maybe that's standard. But I was hoping to pick up a couple things minimum. 

The other thing that I find annoying about them is they have a lot of old, used gaming stuff in the basement. Had it there for years. I asked if I could take a look at the boxes. No. They were doing a computerized list of items and going to sell them on-line, but the person who was going to do that left last year...  So you have someone standing in front of you with cash in hand and... 

While I left with Vaginas Are Magic and bought an interesting Pathfinder: Occult Bestiary, going to that game store reminds me why I order most of my books on-line. The one game store that is closer and much more friendly, unfortunately, did not participate. I would have probably set up shop there for a while, bought some books and ran a game or two. 

Maybe next year. My friend and I were talking and may invite the owner to participate and we would help with the cost. That way the local folks where I live can check it out, have a friendly atmosphere to play and get some cool ass games. 


  1. I understand the one per customer rule, otherwise the first guy in line grabs all the good stuff. I have been behind that guy at a wedding buffet.

  2. I know what you mean about game store salesperson behavior. I don't go to my own local game store because of it. Now I have heard there are stores with totally non-douchey staff. But I wonder if that, too, is just another urban myth.

  3. Is "Vaginas Are Magic" an actual product? I would assume you had Photoshopped it for a laugh, except it's for LotFP, which might mean it's legit.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. My "removed" comment above was to ask about the product's author, but I found the book's entry on RPGGeek and answered my own question. LotFP is certainly an interesting game system.

  4. The store I went to allowed "1 of each item per person". Of course, this means most of the line was left with a dwindling choice until eventually nothing was left. They did hold back a lot of stuff to raffle off 2 and 4 hours later but that didn't help the people in line unless they stuck around for games.