Friday, June 30, 2017

NPC#3 Blake

Blake is one of the major NPC in my Hamlet of Hounds Head. He runs a small business called the Scroll Stack. He is the go to guy for information, to sell weird stuff the party finds and keep him happy, he's currently the only steady source of healing potions. 
Here's a section of the write up I did for Blake
The sign hanging outside the door is a simple etching of a stack of scrolls. The unusual feature of this structure is that it has a pole building built over-top the structure to act as a second roof. After a shipment of parchment was destroyed by a leaky roof, Blake had the second roof constructed. 
Blake is at his house 75% of the time. The other 25% he is exploring the forest. He is always accompanied by his large dog known as Red. While in the hamlet, Red can be found napping nearly anywhere. He awakens long enough to eat. He moves slows and wags his tail a lot. Red has the innate ability to detect ill-intent. He’ll make his dislike known by growling at the person. 
When I play an NPC in my game, especially one I think that will be reoccurring, is I think of a role in a movie or an actor in general. When I think of Blake I think of John Hurt, speaking slow and sometimes mumbling his words. 
The Robe of Matthius is a cool little artifact. While it is powerful, it is very limited. And with all powerful items like this, it sometimes has a mind of its own and does what it wants. A GM could have a lot of fun with either effect of the robe. 

Blake is a free PDF download. If you like what you see please consider joining the fun.

And before I sign off, the artwork is from Matt Morrow.
Thanks guys. I hope you find Blake useful or at least entertaining.