Friday, June 23, 2017

Mutant Sludge, Severed Appendages and How They Saved My Friday

+Christian Walker ran me through my second session exploring the Wasteland of Gath. It saved my Friday.

My companion, Kerg, a dwarf of great fortitude and bravery, was struck with urge to defecate. Frantic, he ran to deposit his turtledoves into a large crate in the middle of the road. No sooner had he dropped his trousers and assumed the position, he shouted something unintelligible then ran back to me. "Jesus Christ", the poor dwarf clung to his heathen expressions, but his excitement was warranted. From the crater crawled three abominations. Creatures of such grotesqueness that even the Great Imbiber would not allow them to sit at the far table in the Immaculate Tavern. 

Since we were outnumbered thought of approaching them with a more unconventional method. I gave Kerg one end of a rope as I held onto the other. We charged the the creatures with the rope taut between us. One of the foul things fell back into the pit, Kerg struggled, lost the grip of the rope and it fell harmlessly to the ground, not impairing the other two.

We took positions farther down the road, readying our weapons. The two creatures were upon us quickly. Being the old, scarred man that I am, I rarely move quickly. One of the horrible things struck Kerg in the side, the blood spattered on the road.

I managed to hit one from behind. The force of the blow caused the left side of its head to crumple. It did not make a sound when it hit the ground. The third creature crawled out of the pit.

The battle ensued. Kerg was set upon, but he held his ground and fought back, his wild swings, while not finding flesh were enough to keep the creatures at bay, allowing me to strike a second one down. 

But it was during this time when another wasteland inhabitant scrambled out from the bushes, dropping a bucket, and fleeing on a path to the north. I noted this as something that might need revisited.

The third creature died, again it fell silently. The wasteland wind is always so fierce, but even it quieted for a moment. A gift from the Great Imbiber, a divine nod of his approval that we had done a good thing.

We investigated the pit, a hole filled with a black sludge and within the sludge there were three large eggs. Hatched. I was glad to see no fourth or fifth egg. Then I remember the fallen bucket. The fleeing creature kept severed hands and feet within. My guess was to feed the abominations. With some back alley ingenuity I fashion a dredge with the bucket and my rope. Who knows what offerings might be at the bottom of the sludge.

We found various bones. Apparently these creatures have been here for some time. Another thing to note. While I may or may not have been hung over on the day Father Orius went over the dangers of witches, I do remember there is a connection. 

It was then when Kerg saw a skull. A marvelous skull encrusted with aquamarine. How such a beautiful thing could appear so close to the lost souls of the wastelands creatures. It was inspiring. But this was not my day. This gift from the Great Imbiber was meant for Kerg. And true to Kerg's nature, he was humble in the acceptance and praised the Great Imbiber. 


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    1. The results were minimal, but if it had been executed a little better it might have given us a couple more rounds to attack, but luckily the dice begrudgingly granted us a victory. I wasn't too sure how that was going to end.

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    1. Hello Stacey. Hope all is well. Or as least better than before.