Monday, June 19, 2017

What Really Happened in the Wasteland of Gath

Brother Adelmo Performing a Daily Ritual to the Great Imbiber.
I started my journey alone into the Wasteland of Gath, but it was not long before I found not only a companion in my journey, but another blessed soul that the Great Imbiber provided a hard and difficult life, to grant him stories that will carry him to the Immaculate Tavern. 

I speak of my friend Kerg. I found him along side the road, banging his head in despair. I greeted him and he immediately told me his story. A glorious story of betrayal, loneliness and despair. I shared the sanctified wine I carried and praised him and his story and how the Great Imbiber has blessed him with scars to show a life well lived. We finished our rite of greeting and decided our stories should be joined in Gath.

A road was plotted out for us. The bright yellow lines showed us our path and we followed. It was not long before we came across a hulking metal box. As we approached, we heard the jangle of chains against the road. From the front of the metal box, two skeletons, brothers who had lost their way, emerged. They surged towards us with jerking, awkward steps. 

Kerg questioned whether he was worthy to set one of our brothers free. I told him "let loose and may your strikes set our brothers free". His bolt grazed the abnormally pointy skull. 

I stepped forward, brandishing the Tankard of the Great Imbiber, "Go now brothers, your stories need to be told." And they turned to shamble away.

Kerg asked again, "should I shoot them?" 

"Set them free Kerg!" As I stepped behind one, my mace found a home in the ribcage, shattering the mid-section and watching him scatter across the road. Kerg's aim was true and severed the backbone of our second fallen brother and I watched as he collapsed on itself.

I took my pyx out, filled it with wine and let it dip into their fleshless mouth. "May the Great Imbiber accept you and hear your stories, see your scars and marvel at the life you have lived."

I completed the rite for the second brother. It was then I saw a glint of gold within the skull. Since I had no tools to retrieve the gold, I handed it to Kerg who questioned smashing the skull.

"Our brother has begun his journey and the Great Imbiber has saw fit to reward us. It would be rude not to accept." 

Kerg smash the skull and we each collected a gold ingot. Our brother must have some wonderful stories to be rewarded so generously.

It was then we heard noises within the metal box. More chains clanging. Metal against metal. We climbed upon the bus and saw more brother trapped within. This may be my first step into a greater world, but I could never imagine being responsible for setting so many free, so quickly. 

I'd heard about these boxes and found the liquid fire that allowed it to move. We poked a hole where the blood was stored, soaked a cloth, lit it and ran to the other side of the road. Kerg and I stood there, wine in hand, blessing the souls we freed in a glorious conflagration. Those boys were entering the Immaculate Tavern with an resounding announcement. 

With the souls set free, our cups empty, we continue our journey in the glorious Wasteland of Gath with purpose and the Great Imbiber on our side. 


  1. Love it! The Great Imbiber may be the most awesome god ever. :)

  2. I forgot about the fellow with the unusually pointy head! So great! :)

  3. "Blessed him with Scars, to show a Life well lived"...???
    We have Many, good Sir... and (sadly) remember each one...