Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Back from the Compter Graveyard

I guess that makes me a virtual undead creature with the special ability to drain power sources and corrupt hard drives with a touch.


  1. Bwah ha ha, I guess you probably inherited that from me! I may be known in local circles for the power to fully destroy laptops, only for them to work again as soon as I give them away for parts (seriously, it's happened twice--and yes, they were plugged in when I was trying it).

    Glad you're back! I have enjoyed reading Gothridge Manor, though I have only just started blogging myself.

  2. Thanks...it's good to be back. Got my computer and 360 back in the same day. Feels like Christmas. And to top is off my wife bought me BioShock 2. LIfe is good.

    Welcome to the blogosphere. Glad to have another one on board.

  3. Welcome back from the land of the computer undead.