Sunday, February 28, 2010

My One Page Dungeon Entry, Where is Margesh Blackblood?

Despite all my efforts to avoid my writing by washing dishes, snow blowing the four feet of snow we've gotten in the past few days, and scrubbing toilets , I did manage to finish an entry into the one page dungeon contest. I did struggle putting the map in with the text. I kinda rigged something up that kinda worked. It doesn't look any where near as artistic as some of the entries, but by gum I was going to get my submission in.

Since my map will win no prizes and probably line the bottom of a bird cage I wanted an interesting concept. I kept it simple. The local lord is looking for a bandit lord. He has several hideouts in the area and it is the players job to find where he is. I mapped out four small locations each with a different situation occuring when the players arrive. In general, I liked it and would run it for a game.

I want to thank all the people involved in the contest, again. Its been fun. And good luck to all those who submitted. Like last year, looking forward to all the cool things people came up with.


  1. Hey, your map is up! It looks great. Congrats on finishing. Good luck, Tim!


  2. Thanks Brenton. Good luck to you also. I'm just glad I was able to squeak it in under the deadline.