Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Brave Halfling Publishing Releasing the White Box and Why I Bought a Copy

BHP announced the boxes are made and shipping will begin. I've always been a fan of getting things in the mail. A bit of a thrill. This little box set has generated some excitement, something needed in the last half of winter. One of the reasons I purchased a copy from the first run (I was a quick clicker) is I prefer print versions. PDFs are great, but I much prefer taking a hard copy with me and browsing through it at lunch or on the couch or where ever. Another reason is I like to support products from the OSR movement. I haven't been disappointed yet. I think the reason why these products turn out great is the creators are gamers first, business person is further down the line. So when they put out a product they are thinking how can I make this better? What would I want in this product? Even though I have several sets of gaming dice I'm loving getting another set in the box. How many gamers do you know who carry around dice bags (most of them were Crown Royal Whiskey bags in my day) with dozens of the same dice? Can a gamer have too many dice? Thanks to John for putting so much hard work into putting this together. I hope you didn't have to use too many vacation days.

On the horizon Rob Conley is planning on putting out his adventure Scourge of the Demon Wolf. An excellent adventure I helped playtest. I keep yelling at Rob to finish so we can get it into edits. James Raggi is producing his own box set for his own version of old school fantasy weirdness. Again, smart man, add a set of dice and it's like frying bacon for dogs. You get a gamers attention. He's been detailing the process of creating the box set on his blog and it's interesting to read what he is going through, especially since he is in Finland. Michael Curtis will be doing a follow up on his Stonehell Dungeon which I purchased a copy. Not only is it a interesting adventure, but there are some innovative design ideas I've enjoyed.

I'm sure there are more, but I've run out of time. Time to go to work and think about the One-Page dungeon entry I've finally got an idea for. Have a good Wednesday folks.


  1. Hey thanks! I hope you like it.
    I better get back to packing boxes...

  2. Can a gamer have too many dice? Ha! I was sucked into buying a full set of polys when I bought my last dry-erase mat. A full set! And d6s were on sale, so I may have gotten 24 of them, too. Ha ha.

    Anyway, my One page dungeon is up. Check it out, if you don't mind--and if you've got your own, please link to it from my page!

  3. *WHEN you've got your own finished, please link to it.

    Sorry about that I somehow skipped the second-to-last sentence of your blog, and thought you had already finished yours.

    Gook luck on your dungeon, Tim!


  4. More One Page Dungeon Contest entries? Hurray! :)

  5. Just to pedant a bit: Dice roll differently, look and feel differently, and come in a variety of different shapes. Some are purely numeric, while others have runes or icons. Some dice perform specific functions (while capable of being performed by cards, chits, or tables,) and are time-saving, semi-randomness generators.

    That's where the comparison breaks down, in other words, its a non-comparison (Apples and Wolves).

    That said, do I have more than one non-D&D type fantasy RPG? Yes, but each performs a different stylistic or mechanical-presentation or (vibe) function.

    If OSR and actual Old Guard '70's gamers prefer one sort of style, etc., then that's what they prefer.
    --Some others who also dig on that era of gaming ethics also prefer variety within that ethics-set, and that's okay, too.

    Everyone is OK. ;D

    * Dispante: The act of removing oneself from a dispute in the same manner as removing used under pants. ;D

  6. @John> I have no doubt I will love it.

    @AM (Brenton)> Thank you and I will check yours out tonight and I will post my entry as soon as a I get it done.

    @Alex> Yep, at least one more.

    @TS> We want all the dice. I keep dice I've never used or even know what the heck they mean. Some have weird symbols on them. Got no clue where I got it, but I am keeping it. I have dice assigned to roll high and dice to roll low. I don't like messing with their mojo. And if I don't think I have enough dice I raid a Yatzee or other game board to get more.