Sunday, February 14, 2010

Randomly Generated Blog Topic

So I've been embracing the random table more lately. I've never used them much before, but with all the talking and producing of tables I thought I would make a binder of helpful tables. Then I run across Rusty Battle Axe's, Another Random Blog Post Generator. I had nothing to blog about today so I rolled a topic to blog about. The result was One Rich Item.

The Column of Conquest
This 10' tall 4'x4' hexagonal column is made from Abrium, or hard gold. This gold has the look of gold, but the strength of iron. Only the most ancient dwarves know its secret and location. There are manuscripts that hint at Abrium's source being the heart of a mountain. That to extract too much at one time and the mountain would die, that only those dwarves with the greatest skill are able to extract the Abrium without harm. Other tomes mention Abrium was given to the dwarves by their god to battle the Chaos. A finite amount divided amongst the greatest dwarven warriors. And some crafting guilds believe it's only a matter of finding the right recipe. Despite all the conjecture and guessing very few have ever seen Abrium to know if it is a real or just a story.

The elegantly crude depictions of battle that cover the entire column show the dwarves battling horrific creatures, some beyond description. There are six battles being described, one for each side of the column. The story starts at the bottom and ends at the top. The dwarves know this to be the Column of Conquest. It tells the story of how the dwarves defeated the Chaos. It is the most coveted artifact of the dwarven race.

Its price cannot be measured by coin or by land. It is a piece of primal history.

Thanks Ken for the random table. I might be using it a lot when I get jammed up.