Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Catch-Up Adventure

Since my computer has been on vacation for over a week I missed out on one of our gaming sessions. But, this may not be a bad thing. Rob said my character, Ashling Anubus, left an elf rune and that I would meet up later. I dig these side adventures. I know when I GMed I would have periodic short single sessions with players when they split from the main party. These adventures developed the characters depth and gave them a bit of 'played' history. So when that character rejoins the party they have something more going on.

Tonight Rob and I will be doing one of these catch-up adventures. I have no idea where I was headed. I'm sure I had a damn good reason to go where I went.

In the beginning of a campaign I will sometimes schedule one or two solo sessions with players. Short sessions, maybe two hours long, to get their character acclimated to the campaign world. During these initial games I allow them to tweak their character. Maybe something wasn't working out the way they expected or they set up an all forest tromping dude when most of the campaign was set in desert. These beginning sessions help the player shape their character and develop a history that exists outside the adventuring party.