Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Good Week for Gaming

The week started off with a bang when we had out regular Monday Night Group (minus Rusty Battle Axe) exploring the underworld of the city and eventually exploring an abandon mansion on the outskirts. The fights were mismatched, we handled them easily, but it was fun to explore the old mansion. Always check the fireplaces for loose bricks. I found a hidden treasure after hidden treasure. It finished with us taking down the main guy (he's remains alive as of this blog, but no promises next week). And I got to web one that tried to run away. I am much happier when I get to web someone. Can you name the module we went through by the cover art?

The next day I get a package from Amazon. I bought GURPS Mysteries and HackMaster Basic. I've only just started to read both and I am thrilled with both of them. The initial work in the GURPS Mysteries is fantastic. Lisa Steele has done an amazing job explaining the different sub-genres of mysteries and how to convert them into a playable adventure. HackMaster is interesting and with all HM products funny as hell. I really loved the attitude and fun the original HM had, but didn't like the time it took to create a character. HM Basic does reduce the amount of time, but I think I will need to tweak it. They've reduced the classes and races down to four. No more Battle Mages or Gnome Titans. Both of which I enjoyed, actually HackMaster got me to liking Gnomes. But this is easily fixable with my tweaks. The honor system is something I am still not huge on, but it would be interesting to find a way to make it work like Glory does in Pendragon. My favorite thing about Hackmaster is the randomness of stats of D&D, but the skill sets that are more like Runequest. The hybrid of a system I am working on slowly is going to be a Frankenstien Monster created from bits of AD&D, GURPS, HackMaster, C&C, S&W throw in a some Pendragon and a dash of Pathfinder.

Then yesterday my White Box came in Brave Halflinf Publishing. I'd forgotten about the adventure that came with it so that was a nice surprise. And as promised it had a colorful set of dice included. I'm excited to sit down with all my new gaming stuff this week.