Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pictures of the BHP White Box

As requested by Paladin, pictures of Brave Halflings White Box.

Here is the box itself. Very cool artwork on the cover and along the sides.

All the books splayed out including the table of graph paper and the dice that are included along the top. The d4 is hiding in shadows above book 3.

And finally the adventure that was included. Love the map in this one. Excellent job Andy Taylor. Actually kudos to the whole crew. Thanks for the hard work.


  1. Absolutely lovely!

    Still waiting for my White Box.

    Thanks for posting pics!

  2. Cool! Hopefully mine will show up soon.

  3. Cool, I proofread and contributed some edits to that module...looking forward to seeing the final revision in print!

  4. Thanks for posting these pictures. "Vile Worm" is my first published adventure, and I wasn't aware that BHP was going to ship it with the White Box. Nice surprise! Looks great! Thanks for the wonderfully twisted art Andy!


  5. Nay problem laddie!Its a great little mod,I really liked the content.We want to see more mod
    creations from yourself!Congrats
    on getting it included in the prestigious boxed-set. :)