Friday, April 2, 2010

Small Press Availability

It's Good Friday and I am at work up to my eyeballs in paperwork. I can't stay focused worth a damn and I keep going on Amazon to check on gaming books. I have nearly a 100 bucks worth of credit on Amazon and can't find much in the way of Old School material available. There are some through secondary sellers, but my credit doesn't work with them. I'm considering getting GURPS Mystery, I've heard great things about it. I recently bought Dragon Age which I plan on doing a review soon.

I guess my post is about the availability of Old School products. I know where to get them on-line, but there are none in the gaming stores I have around me or the big store on-line places. I'm not sure what my point is except I would like to see the venues for Old School products to I can buy more. If BHP, Black Blade Publishing or many of the fantastic small publishers could get their products into say Amazon I would gladly blow my entire credit amount on products and then some.

I'm sure there are logistics I don't understand, but that's my hope.


  1. I have GURPS Mystery and really like it. It has some really good advice for running mystery games, and like most GURPS products it is useful beyond the GURPS world.

  2. Mmm...Tim, I feel your pain, man. Maybe something needs to be done about this...

  3. I feel you. I just went to Black Blade *today* intent on finally getting the most recent version of S&W Core, but then found out I couldn't use a credit card.

    I didn't feel like signing up for paypal just for that. Bummed.