Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gaming Week Just Got Better

Last night Rob from Bat in the Attic blog, came over and we did an old school trade. I gave him the Greyhawk Folio and maps for Chaosium's Thieves' World Box set. This is one of those gaming gems I've been looking for for many years. So I am excited to finally add it to my collection and use it in the future. They Greyhawk setting I have never been much of a fan. The maps are great and luckily I had an extra set of those (have no idea where I got them from), but the folio I never used and because of its odd size was a pain in the butt to store on my shelf.

Always being a lurker in the free stuff over at RPGNow, I found this very cool adventure called Orc Hunt from Tabletop Armory developed for the Pathfinder system. The adventure is only two pages long and there is no map and because of the situation presented a GM can easily plug it in damn near anywhere in his campaign world. I won't go into details because you should go download it for yourself. It's free remember.

Yesterday I wrote about the White Box and provided pictures of what is included. Today I wanted to do a short review on the adventure that is included, The Vile Worm of the Eldritch Oak. Love that title. Sounds like Roger Corman should be making the film. The map is great like I said yesterday. All around this a cool little adventure that is easily plugged in anywhere. I won't go into any details,so as not to spoil any surpirses. But when you get your White Box (not if you should) you're going to be pleased with this little addition.

And finally, I guess Alex and all the judges will be announcing the winners of the One-Page Dungeon Contest. So I am looking forward to see if I placed of not. Either way there are a ton of good adventures to use now because of this contest.