Wednesday, February 22, 2012

King of the Coupons

Whisk has been blogging about her new favorite past time, couponing.  While I think it's cute that she saves a quarter on bread, a nickle on a used twinkie and a penny on tic tacs, tonight I became the King of the Coupons.  Let me tell you my story.

I carried an old printer to Staples and got $50 off my new printer, an Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4530.  I got it for $150. 

It's wireless. Does the auto printing on both sides. 
The ink cartridge prints out 2400 pages. 
I gave the salesman a 'Hell Yeah' when I saw that. 

But wait there is more.  I bought an extra ink cartridge and you know what?  I got a $40 VISA gift card when I did it. 

But oh wait, there is even more.  I'll get 20% back on the ink I bought which will be about $7 AND I turned in 6 empty ink cartridges and will get two bucks each for them.

So the grand total I save tonight on my $200 purchase is $109. 

While I admire Whisk's cutting out coupons and filing them in a nice book.  Tonight, I have claimed the throne of King of Coupons.  I intend to be a fair and wise ass ruler until the Whisk can come up with a better deal.  But there is a happy ending to this story for Whisk.  Because I am wise and generous she may have the $40 VISA card and get something pretty.  You are welcome.