Thursday, February 23, 2012

Night of the Dice

Tonight was the 3rd session of the newb campaign and they all got their dice.  They genuinely loved them.  It was nice to see them get excited about a set of dice.  Mrs. Bearcharge said her's were 'the most perfect'.

So last session they left off with killing a big baddie named Margesh Blackblood.  While they did get the wagons and weapons they failed to bring back the body for the large reward.  A reward which was more than 10x what they got paid for retrieving the weapons.

I used the fantasy billboard to good effect.  They enjoyed this post on the board the most.

The mage found a post where another of his guild was planning on killing the murderers of his family.  The mage failed to convince him.

Another post caught the thief's interest and found out there are some members in the guild are a bit more fanatical and have a religious focus.  His contact told him not to worry about it.  Just to be aware of them and stay clear.  "Fanaticism is bad for business."

And they had an interesting encounter with a dragon, Alexandrous.  He was in human form drinking at the tavern.  They soon found out asking a dragon questions is often very frustrating.  The one piece of information they did find out was the thief would be dead before the end of the week.  He admitted he'd been wrong before, but didn't believe he was this time.

The players were commissioned to deliver the weapons to the military camp.  It was a two day trip.  On there first night camp they encountered one of most horrifying beasts I've ever place on a gaming board.  An undead cow!  It ran out of the woods with an axe already in its head, arrows sticking out of it, bone and muscle showing.  It terrified them.  "How are we going to kill this thing?!"  The side note to this is Rob gave me this miniature, the cow as a joke, and by god I used it.

The players did kill it.  But as the mage and dwarf were check it out the cow's body started hissing then exploded.  They were pepper in bone shards.  (One of the players thought that would make a great band name, Peppered with Bone Shards).  The mage failed his save and contracted Mad Cow Disease.

They returned the weapons the camp.  Mage got healed.  They found out some information about the battle and that there have been several undead things roaming the countryside making trouble for them.  On their return trip they encountered Draco-Lindus.  He told not to listen to Alexandrous.  They had been adventuring together for years and that a strong will and break fate any day.  Draco said he needed to go to the camp, but he could use their help if they would assist in taking out the source of the undead.

In comes BarrowMaze.  The players started to explore the surface mounds.  They had a fight with a few skeletons and managed to get a +1 broad sword before time ran out.

And then there was a lesson to the newbs.  At the end of the night, the one player announced he got a new job and wouldn't be able to play any longer.  The game must go on.  A few were worried that the game would end, but it won't.  Sure it sucks, but we'll continue on.