Monday, September 10, 2012

Evolution of a Map

Wow, this map took a lot of time.  More than I expected.  There are 80+ buildings.  I've decided to name the village, Hiemfell.  I'm not sure how I'm going to describe everything in 24 pages, but I'll figure it out.  I promise not to use a 4.5 sized font.  The third issue of the Manor will have a color map on the inside of the loose cover. 

Here are five pictures showing the progress of the map.  My standard style, pencil first, micro Sharpies, colored pencils then I'll use Xara to put in the numbers and words.  I think this map took me nearly 6 to 8 hours to complete.  So I better not spill ice tea on it.  And keep it away from Bug.  

I'll also be doing an overview map.  Probably a hex, but maybe not.  Right now I need to get cracking on the Village of Heimfell.  


  1. Very cool to see how that came together!

  2. The finished product looks spectacular -- and it's cool to see it develop frame by frame.

  3. Kensla had 43 location and it took 9 letter size pages at 10 point font to detail them. One page was a general description and there is one very long entry on the Temple of Mitra. So if space was a premium I could have squeezed to 6 letter size pages of text and the map.

    If are willing to go with older Harn style description (one or two sentence descriptions on average) you could probably squeeze it even further.

  4. Very impressive to see the growth of the village and the final map is exquisite. Nice job, Tim

  5. Awesome. Of course, I'll need 6 copies.

  6. Dan Thanks. I thought it would be interesting. Wish I had taken a few earlier pictures as I was drawing it in pencil.

    Bard Glad you like it.

    Rob I'll have to see what I can do. I may need a lubricant to get everything squeezed in there.

    Tim Exquisite! I like that word. No one ever used it with me before.

    Boric G At least 6. I'm going to have to start my special Boric selection section.