Thursday, September 13, 2012

Boris Starts a Fire

Lenny a good man.  A Big man.  Not a smart man.  But a good man.  Met with this Waxy Malroon.  Boris know something about this man.  No touch or skin melt.  While Boris never see such a thing, Boris would prefer to keep it that way.  Remind Lenny no touch Waxy. 

Before this we go to club.  Club where rich people talk about being rich and how to be richer and laugh at not funny jokes.  He talk to rich man, we try to trick him into thinking things, by saying things and Erskin read his mind.  No work.  Erskin pretends to be reporter.  Does good job.  Make Boris laugh.  Erskin make good repporter one day.  Still no information.

Back to Waxy and Lenny.  Still no touch.  They meet at Duppy Jones.  I tape gun in bathroom.  You never know.  Boris think gun in bathroom is better than no gun in bathroom.  Boris go early find spot and wait for Waxy and his goons.  They arrive take Lenny into back and then into warehouse.  Erskin does his mind thing.  He pushes his forehead forward when thinking hard. 

Boris need to make distraction.  Throw brick.  Later need to make other distraction.  Start fire.  Fire not go so well.  Boris need to work on fire setting.  Should be better by now.  Lenny make break with half metal man.  Head back to Heyward's secret apartment.  Boris find it funny that a brain and two metal men stay there now. 

Grease Lake only clue we have to go on.  Boris know something about this.  A little.  Location at least.  Need to find clue or we sit in room and stare at phone that does not ring.