Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Question: Day Trip

Wow, did Blogger just take a crap?  Its new.  I'm sure it will be fine...still not liking it.  Guess I need to give it more time.

On to Friday's question.  Last weekend Ivy and I went to the Evan's City Cemetery to find the location of Nicholas Kramer.  A small scene in a movie, but we always wanted to just go since it was close by.

Is there a location you would like to visit that you've seen in a movie?  I was thinking of keeping these location a day trip away from your home.  And in places in New York and LA there are probably more places than you can count, but what site would you visit or did visit just because it was on a movie?

....still not too thrilled about this new look.  More time I guess.


  1. I didn't notice any blogger change. Did it roll out after I posted? Hmmm..

    Within a day trip of my home is sort of tough. I have visited a couple of places when I lived in Colorado: Mesa Verde (which shows up in Once Upon A Time in the West) and Deadwood SD. I've also been to Tombstone AZ before and Yuma dunes (stood in for an alien desert in Stargate).

  2. There is one location I would love to have visited before it was destroyed/changed: Davers State Hospital, which plays a huge role in Session 9. It's one of the creepiest places I have ever seen. I'm not sure I would actually have had the guts to go inside.

    I totally geeked out when I saw El Capitan in Yosemite for the first time, even though Star Trek V is my least favourite of the bunch. But the Yosemite scenes are brilliant. Althoough I didn't travel there just because it was in a movie. I asked my parents to include San Francisco in that trip because I'm a huge Streets of San Francisco-fan, though.

  3. I used to work in "Fiddler's Green" from Land of the Dead.

  4. Given that I'm in the home of the Clowns, probably where you guys went to, plus the Monroeville Mall.

  5. Not seeing any change in Blogger either! What's happened at your end then?

  6. for me it was NY NY.I had a trip there with the Marine Corps.
    I saw the Empire State Building (King Kong.
    NY city public library ( day after tommorrow)
    Coney Island and the sub way the warrior.
    Statue of liberty
    bronk zoo
    central park
    Nathan Coney dogs
    Brooklin Bakery
    and on and on

  7. I've been resisting the upgrade to the new blogger interface (assuming that's what you're talking about). While the Google team keeps touting it's functionality improvements, the things I never hear mentioned are "visual design" and "finesse." They've added all kinds of white space, and reduced the actual space allowed for content. The old interface was much more visually friendly. They can jabber all they like about "new functions", but they'll never convince me the new interface is even 10% as visually engaging as the old one.

  8. Not really gaming related, but me and one of my oldest friends have always said that if money was no object we'd do a Ferris Bueller tour of Chicago, and then to where ever else they filmed bits of it.


  9. I absolutely hate the new blogger interface. (It hasn't changed how the blog looks to readers, only how you manage and post to your blog). So far I haven't tried posting. I've switched to google chrome to see if that will help. but last time they foisted this change on me I could no longer cut and past from my MSoffice program and their Preview system just gave me a blank page. I also could not edit posts.

    And it looks like crap.

  10. South Park is a day trip for me :)

    I've also been using the old Blogger interface for as long as possible... the new interface is ate up like a soup sandwich IMHO. I find it very unusable, plus it's super slow.