Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Game Night Glitches

Our Monday game session was riddled with technical difficulties.  Fantasy Grounds was being cranky, Rob's IP address kept changing, skype would go in and out, personal computers were being rebooted by ghosts, and Bug was attacking me as I was battling an owlbear.  She has no danger sense.  We emailed maps instead of shared them on FG, we rolled real dice and virtual dice, we sometimes had to roll for someone else because of their computer freezing.  And I believe their was something mention about bards performing fellatio.  While not a technical difficulty it was something we did not need to know.

Despite the horde of glitches it was a good time.  We pushed through.  We had a short time to adventure and had some fun.  I'm playing a son of a forester who was kicked out of the village because he tried to help people, but didn't think it through.  He's not worldly and often believes what people tell him, but he has an internal sense of what is right and wrong, but he often gets into trouble in these cases.  He respects those above his station and refers to them in cases where even he may know better.  And he has a dog named Red.

Update on The Manor.  I've enlisted the assistance of Rob Conely to help me finish the map.  I drew it up, I like it, but when I tried to number the locations it didn't look good or was unreadable.  So I defer to the old carto pro.  He'll teach me a few mapping tricks.  Anyway.  If you look at my previous post and see those blue section, especially the one in the northeast corner, it is not water.  It's a new mineral I've concocted called blue coal.  I'll do a write up on it in my GM Games blog.  If you haven't joined the blog please go on over.  I want to build a email list for those who join that blog and once in a while I am planning to shoot out freebies and just stuff to those members.  Anyway, I am liking the direction the issue is going.  I also found out I can squeeze in two more page in to the fold increasing the size of the zine from 24 to 32.  Which I'll need. 

Tonight, its Weird Adventures with Trey.  Boris got into a robot fight last time and luckily was not wearing a pink shirt.

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