Monday, December 10, 2012

Cancelled Due to Weather

Game night went off without a hitch.  Actually we didn't play.  Fantasy Grounds was being particularly shitty tonight.  Most night we have a few issues, but dial it in.  Tonight, it wasn't having any of it.  And in the group we have one computer programer, one military computer information guru, one electrical engineer and one...I'm not sure what you would call it, he makes sure your cell phones work.  We'll call him God of the Signal.  Between all those electronically , computer literate masters none of them could get FG running.  Out of the group I am by far the least helpful and I guess never intend to be.  My contributions were, "Turn it off and on."  Or my favorite, I blamed it on the goddamn Harn weather chart.  Rewind five minutes before crash.

"Fantasy grounds is working great tonight."

"That new broadband you got Rob is making a huge difference."

"Everyone on Skype sounds great."

"What's the weather doing?"

"Light rain coming out of the south.  This is the third straight day of rain.  Everything is muddy."

"Damn you Rusty (Battle Axe)."






Half hour later.


Goddamn Harn weather.


  1. When tech glitches and weather tables collide, critical failures are sure to follow.