Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Question

So the world hasn't ended yet.  I know it was supposed to be today, but never did figure out what time it was coming around.  And if its supposed to be at 6pm is that EST, CST...ect.  If I had planned better I would have taken the day off, but since I didn't and the world hasn't got to bits I need to go work.

So let's say the Mayan's were wrong, which I think they are.  I mean the calendar for them ended a lot sooner than today.  Wonder if they had that day figured out.  Anyway so the world will not end for most of us today.  I'm hoping all your good gamers out there find yourself safe and sound and ready to get some gaming goodness.

So now the world is not ending, what game are you hoping to get into this year?  What gaming goal, if you have one, would you like to accomplish?

I've said it before, but I'd like to get into a few more games on Google+.  I think I found a VTT that will work well.  And goals I'm setting out to accomplish this year, get the Manor back into a somewhat schedule production and get out Starter Adventurers.  If I can do those two things I will be happy.

It's Friday, the snow is blowing like crazy outside, the dogs are acting up, I got a full schedule of annoying people and we have our company Christmas party today.  If the world is supposed to end it better fricking hurry up.


  1. I'm hoping to actually get to play in a fantasy game in 2013. The ladies have stepped up and Meredith is offering to run The World Of Warcraft RPG for us while Clare has talked about a Space 1889 one-shot.

    Sadly in the former I won't be allowed to play a panda, but I will get to hack things and take their treasure... which has to be good, right?

  2. I would love to play "Don't Rest Your Head" from Evil Hat Productions. As a Jonathan Carroll fan, it is the kind of quirky horror that speaks to me.

    I would like to try my hand at running GURPS (but I think I would need a patient group of players). I also really like the "Crypts & Things" take on Swords & Wizardry. And an email from LuLu has told me that my copy of "Blood & Treasure" is on its way. I'll be interested in

    And I have become intrigued by FATE, ever since I was a part of a group that was attempting to play the Dresden RPG. We never made it past the character creation phase, but that was due to schedules, not the game itself. I jumped on the FATE Kickstarter (my only foray into the kickstarter world).

  3. I'm looking forward to running my first Pathfinder campaign when I swap back in as the group's DM in August. Since my face to face group can only gt together about 10 times a year, I'd like to try playing on Google+; 1e, RQ or WFRP for preference, but I'd try any system.

  4. We are continuing with Zombicide and ordering (fingers crossed) extra tiles. I may even write my own campaign.

  5. I want to run some adventures in Leiber's Nehwon using Crypts & Things!

  6. I'm hoping run at least a couple sessions of CthulhuTech. Sadly, it's so hard to get everyone's schedule in sync these days. Maybe if I get something fully prepared I can get people psyched up.

  7. @Anthony: I had a very similar thought.

  8. Don't get ahead of yourself, the world could still end on December 31. My calender doesn't have any days after that. (Don't take it lightly, this is the same reasoning for the Mayan apocalypse we just avoided.) Welcome to the 13th Bak'tun.