Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Crapping Yellow Ink on My Desk

Or its really close to getting a ball bat up its backside.  A couple days ago I noticed when I was printing there were yellow dots here and there on the page.  Hmm, I did not like that.  I did a nozzle cleaning thing.  Did a head check.  Printed again, still specks.  Well, it says the ink was very low in the yellow cartridge and I have another.

Plug in yellow ink cartridge.


Big, yellow diarrhea streak through my page.   What the hell.

Clean head and nozzle and alignment.

Swoosh, printer shit itself again.  It was streaked with about a one inch of yellow ink with globs that dripped from the page.

Contacted Epson through email.  It's Christmas after all.  They got back quickly with suggestions that I do what I already did and had already put in my email to them.  Thanks for reading Epson.  One of my favorite answers was I was not using official Epson paper.  I didn't know Epson made toilet paper to wipe up the crap its spread across my documents.

Opened up my printed to check out the inside.  There was a pool of yellow ink at the bottom.  I tried to sop it up, but it just kept coming.  I'd taken the cartridges out.  I had no idea where it was coming from.

After a an hour of dabbing and dobbing in a space I can barely fit my hand the yellow ink was gone.

Recheck the ink cartridge.  Do another clean and alignment.


Big, yellow diarrhea streak through my page...again.

I was reading about my printer and it seems to be a fairly common problem.  I've had it since June of this year.  It worked like a charm.  Was my favorite printer until it started crapping yellow ink onto my desk.

 So as of now I got no printer.  I am guessing Epson is going to be less than helpful.  It is still under warranty, but everything I've read they just want to send you someone else's piece of chit.  I guess we'll see.  Or I may just have a post about the new printer I just bought.

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  1. Dammit. Now I want to watch Officespace again.

    Don't we always have some appliance or accessory that just absolutely needs a baseball bat?