Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday Gaming

Holiday gaming is always interesting.  My Monday night group will be taking time off until next year.  This Wednesday Trey has something planned for the Weird Adventures adventuring squad, Go Team Victory then I'm not sure how much we'll play.

I hope to use the time to play in a few Google + games and I plan on running a couple adventures in the next few weeks.  I've been wanting to get more involved, but struggle to find the time.  I've been spending most of my free time on the couch with Ivy watch cooking shows on YouTube.  I'm not a cook, but I really enjoy watching them.  Also I have a thing for those gold digging shows, Gold Rush Alaska, Gold Rush Berring Sea, Goldfathers and so on.  It's interesting how much time and money goes into finding the smallest nugget of gold.  I think they spend twice as much digging the stuff out. 

What I am hoping to do this holiday is sample a few of the many games available.  And try some other systems.  In the grand scheme of things though systems are not really my concern.  Just sitting down and playing is my goal. 

If any of you have suggestions of cool games coming during the holidays, let me know.  I've joined a bunch of the Google+ communities and try to follow along there, but it gets noisy and don't follow up on all the new stuff. 


  1. Your assignment if you choose to accept this is to find a damn alternative to Fantasy Grounds when it goes down.

  2. Meanwhile I will work on getting my DSL Modem replaced.

  3. "Your assignment if you choose to accept this is to find a damn alternative to Fantasy Grounds when it goes down."

    Roll20 VTT with Skype. Roll20 has built in video and audio but we found it slowed the Roll20 VTT down in our case. Otherwise its the best thing we've found (for free!).

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  5. My schedule is fairly open after this week. Maybe we could do something, although after our last FG experience, it might be be dicey. I promise to not ask about the weather.

  6. For when there's no one who wants to try out a new system you want to play, there's always Mythic Game Master Emulator or check out The 9Qs method free from JF at Solo Nexus: