Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dungeon Map

One of my maps from the AD&D campaign I ran last year.  I built in the Paint program.  Fairly simple when you're building in ninety degree angles.  For the debris outside the front door I used the spray can option.  I thought it turned out okay.  You see that room with only a tiny white space connecting it.  That is a secret door.  We soon learned when running an on-line game, you have to take precautions with you map.  Those large S's peek out will hint at a possible secret door.  So you want to keep the room's appearance clean without any large letters sticking out o the walls.  I have no idea what the odd block is in the lower corner is.

The players only went through half this dungeon, but they found the surprise at the bottom.  A cult was unearthing something.  Where the red marker is, is where they spotted a clawed hand that was 10' long and was a 100' in the air.  There were parts through broken stone where the body showed.  The players nearly pooped themselves (I think Ken actually did) as they ran out of the dungeon.

I wrote this adventure and its somewhere.  I have no clue where now.  Hope I find it.  When I do I put it out there for a free download.