Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Question

With the release of the backlog of D&D products and the apparent softening of WotC stance towards...well, us gamers, does this change your view of the upcoming release of their latest version of D&D?  Are you more likely to buy it now since they seem to be gearing their recent efforts towards people who play older versions of D&D?

I'm looking forward to the release of the hardcover  releases of the S and A series.  I am definitely down for those.  I have them all in the original version, even the monochrome version, but I would like to have fresh copies in hardback.

As for the new D&D version.  Yeah, I will probably get it.  I was going back and forth about.  I'm not a fan of edition wars because I just like to play.  System is secondary.  The original reason why I was going to pass was because WotC were just being assholes towards is customers.  Especially long in the tooth dudes like me.  I shall not suffer an asshole nor give him thine money.  But maybe with this shift of perspective with the release of all the old stuff, the almost endless playtesting, maybe WotC got a clue.

Right now I'm on the side of buying the newest edition.  But only if I get a good deal on it.