Monday, April 15, 2013

A Side Effect of S&W Appreciation Day

I've been hanging out at the tavern, Tenkar's Tavern that is, to pursue all the blogs contributing to S&W Appreciation Day.  I discovered I wasn't aware of a lot of them.  I've been going through and adding as many as I could to my blogroll.  I'm looking forward to reading more of those blogs.  The interesting thing is I know most of them by seeing their names on Google+ so I am starting to see the reverse effect kick in for me.  Google+ then blog instead of the other way around.

Mini Manor is at the proofreaders.  Remember how I said it was 16 pages?  You don't?  Ah good, forget I said anything.  It's at 20-pages.  For now.  By the time my proofreaders finish scratching out all the crappy stuff it may be a one page dungeon.

Here's a look at the adventure map inside.  A simple hand drawn special, pencil on graph.  About as old school as I could get without having carbon copy duplicates.  Remember how valuable those dark blue sheets of carbon paper were?  Fricking blue gold man.

Enjoy your Monday.  The only thing that saves my Monday is game night tonight.  It will be our 5th session delving into Monteport megadungeon.  We left off by heading to town and getting resupplied and rested.  And to drop off the carnival act we collected along the way.