Wednesday, April 24, 2013

GM Games is Setting Up a New Booth

Great news.  GM Games is now on the shop.  My store front can be found here.  I'm excited to have another venture carrying my stuff.  I think that makes 5 in all, that includes myself.  That counts.  Yes it does.

I have to get better about this (having a central place for these), but here are all my store fronts.

GM Games of course. 
Noble Knight Games

Other news, Manor #1 hit Copper Status on RPGNow.  Wooo.  Golf clap.  I am going to email Matt at RPGNow and get the low down on the medals.  They seem to have a ephemeral quality about them.  When I sold Knowledge Illuminates I his copper status around 50 sales.  For the #1 Manor it was at 75 sales or there abouts.  I wonder what the numbers are?  Hmmm.  Time to get my Geraldo stash on!  I want to know the truth.  I can handle the truth!

Other news, I got my books from the Appreciation Day I ordered.  So I am going to go read them now.