Friday, April 19, 2013

Mini Manors Are Invading Mailboxes

Last night I got 34 copies prints, cut, stapled, folded and enveloped.  Today they are in the mail to various dudes.  I don't believe I sent any to dudettes.  The great thing is Whisk helped, we sat here making an assembly line.  She even made most of the envelopes.  So even those are homemade.  They're better than the ones that were left over from the greeting card.  I'm going to churn out another batch tonight.  That will probably be it then.  I send out most of those and keep a small bunch to send out for whatever reason.  All these are going out as gifts.  Freebies to cool gamers.  

After this weekend, I'll finish up the 4th issue of The Manor.  It's nearly complete, I just need to apply ass to chair and not get distracted by appreciation days or Black Ops or whatever the newest release is on Netflix.