Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Another D&D 5! Session in the Books

So I was nearly killed.

After a nice breakfast, our first hireling hire and a quick shop we made our way to the path we discovered earlier in the week when half the party was nearly killed.

Our fight, detected a pit trap with his face.

I snuck up to the cave mouth to discover how many goblins there might be.  I discovered one.  Well, that's all I could assume there were as he thrust his sword through my spleen and the tip popped out the other side of me.  I decided to rest after that.

When I awoke I took a knee (using a football term for a short rest) and we got away from the cave.  Our new elven ranger also did not fair well.  He was filled with arrows.  This would soon happen again thus earning him the name "Arrow Catcher".

We took a captured goblin that our mage put the sleep, to a cabin.  He was questioned and the goblin spilled his guts.  Figuratively at first.  Literally later.  We met a local lord.  I slathered his undeserving hide with respect and praise.  He was more astounded by the elves.  So I stood by quietly.

To his manor we went.  A structure that looked just slight less inviting than a giant's asshole.  The shelter and food were poor, but we did find a small gem of  a person inside.  He held her bond and in the morning we purchased her bond.  The local lord attempted to cheat up, but our elven mage shamed him for asking for more.

Our band on oft wounded adventurers returned to the goblin cave once again.  This time my luck was better as I was the one who struck a deadly blow without a sound.  However arrow catcher earned his name as he was filled with arrows once again.

We managed to revive him.  He took a knee and recovered some health. 

We wait until next week to enter the cave.

Things I Noticed
Holy shit goblins are tough when they surprise you.  They are +6 to sneak, I think +6 to hit.  With my 14 AC, Goblins have a 60% chance to hit me.  And they hit hard.

Initiative and Surprise are critical.  If the goblins get surprise and win initiative proved to be deadly.  Going first is a huge deal. 

Goblins being tough is a lot of fun.  Having to grind to get into the cave has been a lot of fun.  This by far is what gives the game a old school feel.  I'm really digging it. 

The death mechanic, while I am not sold on it, works for the game.  We had a few tense moments as people were making their rolls.  Pplus we couldn't make out medical checks for nothing.


  1. Almost laid low by goblins. That's old school.

  2. Plus we couldn't make our medical checks for nothing.

    Yeah, no kidding. My own rolls were horrible last night. Of all my d20 rolls for the session, I believe made a grand total of three rolls that scored 11 or higher.

    1. Rob is rolling like he's in Vegas and we're rolling like we're clearing tables in Vegas.