Sunday, August 3, 2014

Patreon Zine and Changes to my Patreon

This week I'm sending out a thank you zine to my Patreon supporters.  I combined the micro-sandbox, Misanthrope Islands with the two adventures that went with it, Gargoyle Lair and Temple of Selig.  Here is a shot of a few of the pages.

All the maps are in full color.  This is my first full color zine.  Anyone who joins my Patreon page today, Sunday, August 3rd, you'll get a copy. 

Changes for my Patreon Page
I've release two of my micro-adventures on laminated 4" x 6" cards.  While I like the idea of it I think the font ens up being too small.  The third card I did was nearly unreadable.  I'll still do cards for some, others I plan on laminated half sheets, color map on one side, text on the back. 

Here's the two laminated cards I've sent out recently. 


  1. Awesome! I love zines, that looks pretty wicked.

  2. Tim, my Misanthrope booklet arrived today and it's brilliant. Well done, a true thing of beauty. Thank you so much.

  3. Awesome! Mine arrived on Saturday but I did not get a chance to look through it until last night. Great little book and I really love the idea of a giant colony, never seen that before and it would sure make for some interesting situations. Great stuff, Tim.

  4. Hey Tim! You surprised me with a copy of this! Thanks so very much!!!