Monday, August 25, 2014

What is Your Favorite Adventure Setting?

Over on my Patreon page, I ask my dudes once in a while what kind of adventure they would like to see.  What's going on in their campaigns and maybe I can churn something out.  I got a couple of requests.  One for a graveyard adventure.  Probably my favorite adventure setting.  The second request was for a swamp adventure in Corcosa.  How fricking cool is that?  So I've been trying to come up with something suitably twisted. 

I know its not Friday.  Not even close.  But here goes.

What's your favorite adventure setting?  And what is your favorite kind of twist to your adventure setting?


  1. I don't think I have a favorite adventure setting, but I like to put a nice big swamp in every world I make up, so there seems to be some appeal there.

    I think the large graveyard adventure we played in Weird Adventures on Barrow Island worked pretty well. I don't know too much I would do differently.

  2. City. it is always good to have a city adventure in your back pocket for when the action slows down or you need to break up the downtime when the wizard is researching.

  3. I agree cities are great fun, especially well prepared ones.

    As for twists, I dig ones that involve some roleplaying to discover. "Yall would have known that hot barbarian chick was actually a white dragon, if you would have stuck around town for more than 3 min!"

  4. Ever since reading the method for mixing in Gamma World in the 1st ed. DMG and playing through Expedition to the Barrier Peaks it has been anything weird science fantasy for me. Also keep in mind I was growing up watching Thundarr, He-Man, Thundercats, Flash Gordon, Blackstar and other cartoons and movies that mixed science and fantasy. Not to mention reading all the superhero comics I could get my hands on. The DC and Marvel universes are huge melting pots of characters of every conceivable origin.
    So maybe the setting would be considered kitchen sink?
    And the twist is you never know what you might encounter.

  5. Gotta agree with frothsof. I dig dungeons. Big, small, in between, makes no difference.

  6. My homebrew setting.

    As for published settings: I'm not even sure anymore.

  7. I'm fairly open about setting, although I prefer something more homebrew, a bit weirder. One thing I like is knowing there's a lot that's not been planned out, that it's more general principles and only certain key specifics for things to anchor to, so that as the players explore the world really is emerging, changing but also growing. That way it's ready for one session but also for a decade - who knows? - and the thing ends up being something everyone involved had a say in.