Monday, March 1, 2010

Slow Monday Grind

At work. Weekend went by in two hours instead of two days. I was able to finish my one page dungeon entry (see previous post) so I did accomplish something. Tonight is game night. Ashling, my elf, made it to 2nd level. Which means very little at this time except I get a few more hit points, but effects little else. We trudged over a mountain and Rob got out those damn Harn weather charts and tried to kill us. I am not joking when I tell you those weather charts are more dangerous than a dragon who just stubbed its toe. We had to kill a patrol. Hmm, maybe not had, but we killed them to avoid trouble a little longer. Plus, they had good horses.

We are made our way to a magic circle and found a cavern below that did not seem to be apart of what was going on above. That's where we left off. I got a +1 shield from one of the rooms.

Looking forward to playing tonight. Makes Mondays a bit more bearable. While I battle through the mountain of paperwork my mind drifts to what is going to happen tonight and I hope to what ever dice gods above are a lot nicer to me this session. Last session they were pissed at me for some reason. I gave my dice a new home to encourage positive mojo.

Well, lunch is over and back to treading the steep pile of papers. Just glad as hell that Rob isn't roll on his Harn weather table.


  1. Another bad night with the electronic dice. I can't believe I dropped two weapons in a row. It was a fun night, none the less, despite the bad rolls and the bickering about how to pronounce "Eoleander."