Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sheep Stampede

Last night our game concluded with us returning from the elven forest. We were taking our time traveling a country road when we felt the ground begin to tremble. I thought maybe it was anhkheg or maybe a bulette, but the countryside looked too peaceful to have those monsters terrorizing it. There was a farm to our left and a ridge to our right. From over the crest of the road a farmed came running screaming "Stampede! Stampede!" A herd of sheep charged down the roadway.

Being the mighty adventurers that we are we pulled off the road and were letting the sheep pass. Then two children came down off the ridge and into the road. They stood there petrified and helpless. Rusty Battle Axe put the first group down with a sleep spell and shouted "Count yourselves!" I followed with another sleep spell putting down much of the herd. The few that remained grazed.

The farmer thanked us and asked how we were able to stop the sheep. Rusty Battle Axe put his hand on his hips and said, "We just pulled the wool over their eyes." He chuckled. The farmer laughed as he kicked the sheep to awaken them. A good time had by all.

It smelled of a Harn encounter and I confronted the DM. "Was that a Harn encounter?" He mumbled and coughed before admitting, yes, yes he did roll on another Harn chart. I knew it.


  1. A mage could make a pretty good go of it with just a sleep spell. I'm glad I didn't have to resort to magic missiles, which were of better use against the thugs we met later.

  2. Cool encounter. I've seen a real life sheep stampede and while its not a threat to somebody in say plate armor, its nothing to trifle with either.

    I like this sort of thing even in high magic games . Most encounters ought to be people and livestock with the occasional everyday monster. The weird stuff ought to be just that weird.