Friday, July 2, 2010

Cleaning Out the Gaming Shelves

I hope everyone has a very good 4th this weekend. I plan on spending some of the time going through my gaming book shelf. I’ve been buying a lot of different things these days and I need to see what I have. It’s a great time to do it since I am switching my room around so time to do some sorting and getting rid of some stuff I have lost interest in. I may do something fun with them on this blog. I’m not sure what yet, but if anyone has a suggestion please fire away.

Within this month I am hoping to release my first adventure module for sale on RPGNow. Rob suggested I also put it on Lulu. I also plan to release another short adventure for free to download. I’m a man with a billion almost done projects and I’m finally focused enough to get them finished. You have been warned.

And any of you who used my Starter Adventures please drop me a comment on how you used them and if they worked out.

Now go grill up a hot dog, hamburger, steak or if you a vegetarian on of those soy things they mold to look like real food. Watch some fireworks. Don’t get too drunk. And scheme up something very cool for your next adventure.


  1. Do a contest!

    And have a happy 4th!

  2. Have a good weekend, both of you. Being a Brit, we don't celebrate the 4th as a nation (we lost, after all) but it is my wife's birthday, so we'll be having a barbie on the beach. Providing the weather holds out.