Friday, July 2, 2010

Cleaning Out the Gaming Shelves

I hope everyone has a very good 4th this weekend. I plan on spending some of the time going through my gaming book shelf. I’ve been buying a lot of different things these days and I need to see what I have. It’s a great time to do it since I am switching my room around so time to do some sorting and getting rid of some stuff I have lost interest in. I may do something fun with them on this blog. I’m not sure what yet, but if anyone has a suggestion please fire away.

Within this month I am hoping to release my first adventure module for sale on RPGNow. Rob suggested I also put it on Lulu. I also plan to release another short adventure for free to download. I’m a man with a billion almost done projects and I’m finally focused enough to get them finished. You have been warned.

And any of you who used my Starter Adventures please drop me a comment on how you used them and if they worked out.

Now go grill up a hot dog, hamburger, steak or if you a vegetarian on of those soy things they mold to look like real food. Watch some fireworks. Don’t get too drunk. And scheme up something very cool for your next adventure.