Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Riddle Me This, Never Mind, Just Grab the Liver

GM - Rob
Oelander - Dwayne
Syrnvald - Rusty
Ashling - Me

After a week break our gaming group got together and it started out a bit slow and lethargic. We ended the last session with completing a series of investigations for Syrnvald so he could finally reach his next level of experience. It was the primary focus of our group at the time and now that it was finished we needed to start a new path. The GM set out a hook about someone scrying our party. That the divining person in the conclave would be able to pinpoint who and where it was she would just need a liver of a sphinx. Very weird request.

Oelander didn't care who it was. He just wanted a good sword. His father being an evil SOB and fairly powerful thought it was him keeping an eye on us. We had killed several demons (did I mention Oelander is part demon?) and now had the attention of some powerful verdians (those are the demon people that look like green elves). He wanted the sword to help battle his father.

After some discussion it was decided to get the sphinx liver. It was suggested that if we got into trouble we could challenge the sphinx to a riddle contest. I didn't see how that would help since we wanted its liver and I doubt it would have handed it over if it guessed wrong. Plus the GM just bought a book of a hundred riddles and wanted to use it.

The location of the sphinx was in a swamp with a tribe of tough orcs. In Rob's campaign there are only goblins and orcs. No bugbears, gnolls, hobgoblins or kobolds just various levels of orcs. The plan was simple until we started thinking of all the stuff that could go wrong with casting a fireball in the middle of a swamp. Even if the swamp gas didn't explode the sphinx liver would be crispy. So having to keep our largest gun in our holster we hired a fishing boat from some very nervous men.

We snuck up on the orcs and started sleeping them, taking out the majority. They were tough as billed. Then the sphinx joined the fray since these orcs worshipped it and made bovine offerings. I shot the sphinx with a knight killer crossbow and followed it up with a barrage of magic missiles then I think Rusty finished it off with m ore magic missiles. All in all we took them out fairly easy. Oelander took one wound from the flying sphinx.

Since none of knew where the liver was located on a sphinx we just took the whole thing in our portable hole. We discovered some other group with 'evil intent' was watching us.

In the end Oelander still is looking for a sword. Rusty discovered even after gaining all those spells he still goes last in initiative every time. And I am waiting to see how the story unravels. The biggest winners of the game were the nervous fishermen. They can now fish the entire swamp and somewhere out there is the sphinx's treasure. They plan to tell no one about the orcs and sphinx being gone.

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