Thursday, July 8, 2010

Random Events for Players Arriving in a Village

1 - The village is celebrating the wedding of one of its own. The villagers are in a great mood and welcome the players to join in the celebration. During the celebration the villagers have several contests, a foot race, wrestling, rock throw (both accuracy and distance), and a giant tug of war at the end. The players will be treated as family, fed well and their tankards will never be found empty.

2 - The players see the burnt husks of cabins where the village once stood. Among the ruins the villager bodies can be found, but there are too few bodies. The livestock have fled to the fields which remain untouched. In the middle of the ruins is a spear thrust in the ground with a brown shield hung on it.

3 - The men are working the fields and the women are going about their chores. All the children are all hiding in their homes. As the players enter the village they pay little notice. If approached a villager will look terrified. Some will tremble and be unable to speak, others may feint, and others will cry and ramble on about something horrible in the forest. Within the forest an eldridge creature of nightmares has awaken and has been feeding off the villagers for the past two weeks.

4 - A tinker will approach the players as they near a village and shake his head. I wouldn't go in there. Bad stuff. If he is pressed for more information he will just explain that something ain't right. If the players enter the village they will be greeted with by friendly villagers as they go about their business. They will offer the players the visitors cabin to stay in and invite them to join them for dinner that night. All the villagers meet under an open air pole building to talk about their day. They will ask for stories from the adventurers and any news they might share. The players food will be laced with a subtle poison that will make them very tired. The villagers worship a blood god and need a sacrifice. They don't want to kill the players, but drain some of their blood.

5 - The harvest is in full swing. Villagers are working hard. As the players approach they will see a knight riding his horse across the field at a full gallop. His armor is torn and he shouting warnings to everyone. A few moments la wolf, the size of an elephant pursues him. One of the wolves grabs the closest villagers and swallows him whole.

6 - The local baron is holding court at the village. A local mage is being tried for murder. Many mages are in attendance as well as many local nobility. The tension between between the two groups. This quiet village now has 4x as many people within that usual. It has become an event and craftsmen and merchants are taking advantage of the spectacle.

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  1. I will never just say "You enter a village..." again.