Friday, July 9, 2010

Tarot Card Generator

Chaotic Shiny has done it again. Hannah 'Swordgleam' Lipski has created a tarot card generator that should be added to your next game and pretty much every game after that. Like her other generators, the tarot card generator is simple to use, created some very interesting results and most of all useful to any genre.

She breaks the tarot cards generation into four parts, the description, meaning, condition and what's on the back. And you are able to create one to twenty-five cards at a time. Each tarot card is also given a title. The Sleepless Fighter, The Fearful Knave, The enchanted Warlock ect...

The description is just a sentence of what is depicted on the card. I'll use the Sleepless Fighter tarot as an example for the descriptions. The card depicts a tall, pious lass with copper-colored eyes and a shortbow before dawn.

This is followed by a short esoteric of what the card could mean. It is associated with an agreement, physical strength, and wealth. Inverted, it represents fear, an accomplishment, a death, and fire.

The third section is what condition the tarot card is in. I enjoy these descriptions because often the focus is what is on the card. Hannah takes it that other step. The card has a large bloodstain.

And the final section is a short description of what is on the back. Another fantastic addition that normally is not considered. The back is dark grey on grey with a gate.

I encourage everyone to go check out Chaotic Shiny generators. Hannah has produced some of the best gaming generators I've found. And she keeps cranking out new ones. There are a ton of them that are free. And if you haven't bought her Treasure Hoard Generator I recommend you do so. I did a review of it and have been using since then. It adds a depth and odd intresting things I would not normally have come up with. So please check out Chaotic Shiny Productions webpage and have a blast playing with all the generators.


  1. Wow...I've never checked out Chaotic Shiny before. That is a crazy-humongous vat of creativity!

    Still, I always preferred to use my own (real) tarot cards in D&D games...
    ; )

  2. Glad you like the generator! I had a lot of fun making it. I'm glad to finally have it done - it's something I've been trying to figure out a good way of doing for a long time.