Saturday, July 24, 2010

Deadliest Catch

Here's why I did not have TV for many years. Not too long ago I was flipping through the channels and I come across the Deadliest Catch. Not being a fan of any sea stuff I nearly flipped right past it, but my wife said she liked the show so I put down the remote and wondered what was on sale on RPGNow. Twenty minutes later I was hooked (or in the case of this show, I was in a pot). Then the crushing story of Captain Phil Harris. Man. I just started watching the damn show and it already punched me in the gut.

Okay, why am I writing about the Deadliest Catch in a gaming blog? Because it's got me jazzed up to do seafaring adventures. I've never been a fan of seafaring adventures, but after watch several episodes (for those of you have Netflix the first five seasons are on instant play) I am ready to use the stuff I am learning from the show and put it into an adventure and build a proper fishing village. Their traditions go back so far, the superstitions, the teamwork and the captain is king.

Anyway, felt like sharing that on a Saturday night. Just wondered what shows have inspired others to do an adventure they normally wouldn't do? Have a great Saturday. Bye.


  1. It's a relatively neglected area and I've been meaning to write up a one-page dungeon for a coastal encounter for some time. Right there with you re: DC on TV, btw. Can't say I didn't see this coming...

  2. I guess I better start watching if I want to run that sea campaign I was talking about for years.

  3. I'd say my list of TV shows that have inspired me is so gamer stereotype as to be boring.

    However, there is one big exception, kinda. The Adventures of Hercules and Xena, Warrior Princess both inspired me to not only want to game, but play D&D. My first D&D return was prompted by them.

  4. Great show. REAL reality television. Been watching awhile and the Captain Phil thing hit me hard too.

  5. My PCs always start to sweat when a ship gets mentioned. They try to find ANY way to avoid a journey by sea since an encounter with 4 giant sea termites went tragically wrong (how many times can a group of PCs roll under 4 on a D20 in a single combat?)