Saturday, June 15, 2013

Free RPG Day Score & More

Is that a beautiful picture or what?  So I hit two stores today for Free RPG Day.  First was Gold Star Anime.  I got there before they opened.  For Free RPG Day I get a self set, small allowance to blow on gaming stuff while I collect the free stuff.  At Gold Star I picked up a copy of Dungeons of Dread.  I've been wanting to get this since its release.  S1 is the dungeon I grew up on.  Then I got a pay of over sized d20s and a pack of Gamemastery, Chase Cards.  Mine has a different front.  I like these decks.  They are very well done and sometimes I bring them out just to work them in.  After purchasing them I got to pick from pretty much everything.  I got a copy of Cosmic Patrol Quick Start, Reap the Whirlwind, XCrawl Dungeon Crawl Classics, Pathfinder's We Be Goblins, and my two favorite, Hall of Bones by Frog God Games and the winner of the day, James Raggi's Better Than Any Man.

I haven't scored that much in several Free RPG Days.  The owner asked me to run an adventure, but time is not something I had this day.  Although I may schedule to run something there in the future.  On to Erie, Book Galore awaited me and more RPG Day trinkets to be had.

 I had a dual purpose on going to Book Galore today.  I've been tinkering about getting back into comic books, but as someone who hasn't bought one since 1979 the selection is overwhelming.  So many different one and so many different story lines for a superhero.  I remember Fantastic Four had two different comic types.  I never understood why, but I like the art better in the one story line, but liked the story better in the other.  Then of course Thing had his Marvel Two-In-Ones.  Thing was my favorite.  I always thought he got a raw deal a lot of times.

So I go in there and gamer guy is not there.  My good mojo continued.  I spoke to the one guy who seemed to know his comics well and I asked him about the New 52.  I was interested in seeing what it was all about.  Batman's story interested me so I ended up getting Batman, The Court of the Owls Vol. 1 and a copy of Batman, Zero Year.  Super psyched to read them.  The other thing I picked up was Pazio's Giant's Revisited.  They have a bunch of these books and I haven't been disappointed with them yet.  Plus I got it for 40% off.  I got to select three Free RPG Day items.  Alas, no dice.  Crap.  There I picked up C&C's A Pot of Broken Bones, T&T's Preview Pack and a second copy of Hall of Bones.  Rob was at Origins today and I wasn't sure if he'd have time to pick up a copy. 

My day continued on.  I picked up three micro notebooks I plan to use to write down ideas I have during the day and can never remember them when I get home.  I always used to do this when I wrote fiction, but for some reason I stopped.  I picked up a Piccadilly notebook because they are great and I got it for a good price.  And lastly at the bookstore I also got a free issue of a Superman comic at the check out. 

I came home, got a pizza and felt the weight of all the bags of great stuff I had as I brought them into the house.  Spread them out on a table, took a picture then wrote this blog.  Now I'm going to go read it.  I've got my gamer buzz going.