Sunday, June 23, 2013

Knowledge Illuminates Pay What You Want Update

I put Knowledge Illuminates on the Pay What You Want on RPGNow and now that its been over a couple of weeks I thought I would update how its been going.  I know some are interested. 

Total Sales: 51
Free: 38
.01:     1
.10:     1
.78:     1
$1:      5
$1.50: 1
$1.90: 1
$2:      2
$10:    1

Nearly 75% of sales were free downloads.  Of the thirteen paid sales I made $23.29 (not going to figure in the RPGNow cut).  I averaged .46/sale. 

This is a skewed result because KI has been out for a while and most who wanted it already got it.  While the results aren't spectacular they are interesting.  I appreciated who plunked some coins into the tin cup.  All the sales I made went to ConTessa fundit.  I'll keep KI on PWYW, but not sure if I would do it again.  I do like having the option though.

I'd be interested to see how others fared.