Thursday, June 13, 2013

Manor #4 Progress

It seems like zines are popping out everywhere these days.  Look what you started Christian.  So far Dungeon Crawl #2 has come out.  +Wayne Rossi is looking for submissions so get them in there before June 30th.  I just recently posted about 6 Iron Spikes & a Hammer being released.  I believe this is +john yorio 's first attempt and I'm looking forward to a copy.  And recently announced was Copper Droppings, I believe it is headed by +Michael Garcia and +Erik Tenkar.  Michael recently revealed the header.  It looks fantastic.

With all these new zines popping out I need to get #4 on the road.  I have been working on it a lot lately.  Like last issue I ran into a problem where the idea I had was too ambitious and needed to be tailored down.  Now that I've done that I think it serves the adventure better.  I should have all the text completed by this weekend.  Just need to finish the last section of the adventure.  Stat NPCs.  Then do my own read through before I hand it off to my proof readers. 

This was the original village map I had.  Twenty buildings, geographical locations.  And way too big for the space I have in a zine.  I like the map and will probably use it in a future project. 

This is what the current map looks like.  The Hamlet of Low Ridge is where the adventure begins.  There are two other locales that are included and needed details so space was precious.  As you can see the number of buildings was reduced from 20 to 7 which helped save space and made the adventure tighter. In the zine this map will be in b&w. 

The section Beneath the Manor, a mini monster manual is pretty much done.  Just need to do a read through and make sure all the stats jive.  The art is incredible.

I'm hoping to get more work done tonight.  Lairs need to be laired and monsters need to be monstered.