Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Review: Gnomes of Levnec


First the the info, Gnomes of Levnec sprouted from the twisted mind of Zzarchov Kowolski, proprietor of the Unofficial Games blog.  It is available on PDF format on RPGNow for the weird price of $2.91.  And on a recent blog, he reported he has physical copies ready to mail. It's a 16 page adventure.  I'd even call it a mini setting.

First impressions...this is a adventure is disturbing and hilarious.  I got a lot of entertainment  reading it.  It doesn't matter if you like gnomes or don't like them you will love this adventure.  Zzarchov takes the Travelosity pitch men and terrorizes them.  I loved it. 

Here's the gist.  Gnomes are magic.  If you eat one, you get the magic.  Big magic.  Gnomes taste good with bacon.  Gnomes don't like to be eaten.  There is even a recipe on how to prepare Gnomes and a fantastic pictorial to assist in telling the difference between a delicious Gnome or one that's rotten.

The adventure is set up sandbox style.  Or at least that's how I interpret it.  A series of detailed locations.  The plot runs through each location and its up to your massive GM creative intellect to weave your players into this horribly fun adventure.  There is a lot of meat to work with.  I like it when adventure are set up like this, its non-linear and the players can explore as the wish. 

This adventure is worth the price just to read and will make a fun night of adventure.  The prep time is minimal other than a good read through.  Zzarchov's warped sense of humor shines through in this adventure.  I highly recommend Gnomes of Levnec to all you twisted folks.  And to the straight ones, its okay to get a little twisted, just make sure your gnome is ripe. 

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  1. Culinary tips for gnomeyback ribs? This is very tempting indeed.