Thursday, June 20, 2013

Saving Throws

Do you go with the five?  The ref, will, fort?  Or the single throw?

I decided to stick with the single throw with a simple adaptation.  Saves start at a base of 18 for all first level classes.  These saves will decrease by one for each level gained until it maxes out at 9.

Each save will be accompanied by the appropriate ability modifier.  Along with the ability modifiers there will be instances where being a certain race will get a bonus.

I haven't decided what races I will use, but I plan on having a variety.  I like having different types of dwarves and elves.  But rarely do you see that done with humans.  The difference won't be on the racial level, but on the cultural level.  I won't get all anthropology on this, but enough to add a variety.  Using real life differences between a desert and city culture.

Just something I'm working on between projects.