Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Done and Not Done

With the final touches done on Stone Fields of Azoroth, I am in printing mode and trying to find a good box to ship them in.

In the meantime it looks like I have abandon the blog.  My brain can only work so many hours in the day.  It's pooped out right now.

Still, as I am printing the books, I'm thinking of other ideas and projects.  Some projects that have stopped and started over the years.  Time to start them again and get going on the next projects.  In fact I am uploading files for one of them right now.

Just ordered a proof copy.

The waiting begins.


  1. The blog is great and all, but, in the end, writing more books is better.

  2. Having a brain funk is no stranger to anyone better than I. I've had more breaks from my blog than Evel Knievel has had in his body. Yes, ok. A slight exaggeration there, but you get my drift.

    Stuff happens. Shit happens. LIFE happens. Blogs are like cerebral vampires feeding off you each time you plug in to write. You can only do some much for so long before your mental tank is flashing up 'Empty'. No shame in that. At all.

    Embrace it, accept it, roll with it - do whatever you want with it - but OWN it. DO NOT let it own you!

    You've got a great blog going, a wealth of brilliant posts, so chill. No one's judging you for being human. Now if you'd posted two or three then blown it off, well, that would be an entirely different story...

    Good luck my friend. Prioritize, relax and (try to) enjoy. We're all here for you when you return, have no fear.

  3. Yeah, but look at all the projects you've done this year. That's super great stuff.


  4. I see The Happy Whisk has visited.

    Who won the pool this year?

  5. You have tiny Father Christmases raining down upon your page. Quite fetching actually. Did you know? No, I don't suppose you do. Hmm ... I suspect Ivy may have something to do with it. Just saying ... :))

    Hi Tim!

    Oh, and hi to Ivy. I'm sure she's lurking about somewhere ...

  6. Glad you got stuff done, even though it sucked that you weren't able to play last night.

    I do love what Ivy did to your blog though.

  7. Don't worry about the blog. However, I will come over to your house with a baseball bat if you even mention doing a Kickstarter.