Saturday, December 20, 2014

Manor Sale Topped 100 Guys, thanks a ton.  Since I put The Manor PDFs on sale for a $1 each, I've sold more than 100 copies since the 9th of December.  To be more exact, I've sold 121 Manor PDFs.  For a small time publisher dude like me it's fun to see those orders come in on email.

I'm keeping the sale up through Christmas.  If you want to grab a bunch of Manors for cheap you can still grab them for a $1 each.

Also, Starter Adventures has been doing very well.  My expectation were fairly minimal for this product due to the fact it is a higher sticker item and the print version is only available at Lulu.  I know when I shop at Lulu it's usually with a coupon.  But despite that, I wanted to sell at least 20 copies before the weekend and I reached that this morning.  I should be getting my comp copies from Lulu soon and I'll send those out to my helper dudes after Christmas.

I haven't done a sales report for the past couple months.  Not sure why.  Just forgot I guess.  I'll do a catch-up post and reveal the numbers.

Again thanks for the support, have a great weekend and get those gifts now man.  In fact, I gotta run.