Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Would They See Monsters?

Once upon a time, there was an adventuring party who went down a hole and never came back....

So began our tale of the Monteport megadungeon crew, a cast of characters that has evolved over a year of exploring the endless expanse.  Our combination of curiosity, glory seeking and greed have plunged us 28 miles below the surface of a world we no longer remember.  We have become citizens of Monteport. Small pieces in a massive, living thing. 

Twenty-eight miles below, we have living death.  My weapon seeks to destroy these abominations that seem to saturate earth.  But my arms grow tired.  I've forgotten what it is to look upon a tree.  I've forgotten what it is to feel a breeze.  And I'm losing my ability to find purpose.  My god's words once pounded in my ears like war drums, exciting and inciting.  Boiling the blood.

Now, only whispers.  

I wonder what another adventuring party would see when they looked upon us.  Would they see monsters? 

                                          Adzeer Mattui, Hunter of the 3rd Circle


  1. E-fricken'-vocative! More please!

  2. Crazed berserkers, unchanged skinshifters, chaos cultists, rootgnawing renegades...

  3. Big fan of the angst-ridden Adzeer fiction.

  4. Good intro. Now let's here some tales of adventure.

  5. Gnoll fritters for everybody . . . and a Happy New Year.

  6. Totally agree with Trey, intriguing!
    Generates many a thought!

  7. Sends a shiver down my spine thinking about it.

    A happy new year to you, sir - and everyone here present. Hope it brings you nothing but the best and more of the good parts from 2014.

    On the Saturday the 3rd I'll be running my first one-off rpg session with my old rpg group. I'd forgotten how hard it is to getting everything organised for a 6 player party. Should be fun.

    Have a great 2015, all. Onwards and upwards.